Meet James Sherrill! He’s a Frogger in Fayetteville, North Carolina. His local reputation for running successful businesses set him on the path to owning a sweetFrog franchise, and his attention to detail is paramount to its success. Learn all about James and where his sweetFrog business is going.

James’ Path to sweetFrog

James had a different journey than many of our other Froggers. For starters, he didn’t build out his first stores from scratch. He purchased them from other franchisees. And he didn’t approach the previous owners about the sweetFrog franchise opportunity. His reputation as a successful, local businessman encouraged the previous owners to come to him.

“I represented the previous owners with their commercial real estate, placed them in the Good Middling location,” James said. “We became friends, my youngest daughter worked at Sycamore Dairy location, and when they desired to sell, I was approached about the opportunity.”

After doing more research about sweetFrog and our dedication to our values, James was convinced — he was going to be a Frogger!

Extreme Attention to Detail

James’ reputation for business largely comes from the real estate franchise he owns in his hometown of Fayetteville, North Carolina. But what makes James particularly successful as a sweetFrog owner is his dedication to detail. And he owes that to previous careers in the military and as a police officer.

“10 years of required extreme attention to detail is now a daily norm for me,” James says. “I just apply that to the business world. Everyone around me would say I am OCD about many things, but I say I am just applying ‘extreme attention to detail’ on a daily basis.”

This attention to detail shines in James’ sweetFrog shops as he maintains extremely high standards of cleanliness and positive guest experience. “We say to the crew, ‘success is in the details’ all the time so they will understand it is the little things that mean the most in our operations,” James says.

Looking Ahead

Right now, James has three sweetFrog shops and is working on jumpstarting his next one: a sweetFrog truck! “That new operation will take up some time as we prepare for those new operations between the spring and fall of 2020,” James says.

And even beyond this fall, James is planning ahead for retirement and succession. “I plan to retire and head to the mountains in about 7 years (age 60) and start my next season of life with a Food Ministry using the organic gardens and greenhouses on my property,” James says. “We will grow and share with those in need.” And as for his sweetFrog business, James has a plan for that as well. “I have hopes that one of my daughters would take these 3 sweetFrog businesses and continue their success,” James says.

If James Sherrill’s story has inspired you to start your own sweetFrog franchise journey, please reach out for more information about this frozen yogurt franchise opportunity.