Scoop and Cookie are the hoppy mascots for sweetFrog®! but even more than that, they are our official brand ambassadors. There is a Scoop and Cookie dedicated to each sweetFrog location and they’re tasked with sprinkling some magic and wonder around each store. Scoop and Cookie are a whimsical presence in their stores, and they hop out into the community meeting sweetFrog fans everywhere they go. Explore the ways Scoop and Cookie are crucial to the sweetFrog brand.

Faces of the Brand

Scoop and Cookie are the froggy faces of the sweetFrog brand. Never one without the other, Scoop and Cookie are instantly recognizable thanks to their design and stylization. In addition to being all over our stores in the form of our frozen yogurt cups, store decoration and signage, Scoop and Cookie are also live mascots who interact with the community. Although our Froggers rarely take on the role of Scoop and Cookie themselves, we have offered Mascot 101 so they can truly understand what it takes to be our hoppy, green brand ambassadors.

Get to Know Scoop

Scoop might be known for being a little mischievous but it’s all in the name of fun! He’s always up for any adventure, although he might get distracted if there happens to be a tasty sweetFrog snack nearby.

Get to Know Cookie

Cookie is definitely the leader when it comes to her quests with Scoop. She loves to have fun and enjoys Scoop’s wacky ways, but she knows when it’s time to focus. Cookie’s smart and caring nature inspires her fans to be just as sweet and kind as she is.

Community Outreach

sweetFrog stores aren’t just frozen yogurt shops, they are integral parts of their community. Scoop and Cookie are a fun way to reach out to community members and for sweetFrog to have a presence at all types of events. Whether it’s tossing out candy in parades, visiting with Boy and Girl Scout troops or hosting in-store holiday parties, Scoop and Cookie are at the core of sweetFrog’s community outreach.

Connecting with Kids

Generally speaking, kids are sweetFrog’s largest customer base. Luckily for us, kids love Scoop and Cookie! It’s easy to think of frozen yogurt when the weather gets warm, but our lovable mascots help make sweetFrog a year-round sweet treat. During the school year, Scoop and Cookie meet kids where they are, like schools, and invite them to in-store Christmas parties during the holiday season. Our dynamic duo will remind youngsters in your community that there is no bad time of year for frozen yogurt.

Bring Scoop and Cookie to Your Community

Are you ready to start your sweetFrog franchise journey? Take the first steps toward becoming a Frogger — and toward bringing Scoop and Cookie to your own community. Get in contact with the sweetFrog franchise team to get more information about this opportunity.