Frogger Feature: Josh Gibson

Meet Josh Gibson! He’s a multi-unit Frogger based out of South Carolina. His entrepreneurial journey started early and led him to become a star in the sweetFrog franchise system. Read on to learn about his franchising beginnings, how he runs his sweetFrog enterprise, and why he is proud to be a Frogger.

Josh Gibson

Meant for Entrepreneurship

Josh Gibson became an entrepreneur at age 20 when he started a landscaping and pool business. Four years later, he purchased his first quick serve franchise, a popular sandwich shop. “I was in the right spot at the right time, and I said ‘yes’ to them before I even looked at the financials,” Josh says.

After growing his business into the 12 stores he currently owns, Josh expanded his portfolio with fifteen sweetFrog locations. “The sweetFrog in our town was — is — very successful,” Josh says. “I always appreciated what the company stands for and the family atmosphere.”

We have Froggers with all sorts of backgrounds that have leveraged their skills into thriving sweetFrog locations, and Josh’s knack for business and entrepreneurial experience make him a great fit for sweetFrog.

Hands-On Duties

As a multi-unit sweetFrog owner, it would be impossible for Josh to handle every aspect of his business singlehandedly. But he does bring a hands-on approach to certain aspects of sweetFrog ownership. “I handle the marketing and administrative duties, such as payroll, accounts payable, and reporting,” Josh says. “I am the direct support to our management team also, and communicate with them daily.”

And when it comes to managers, Josh has found that hiring them personally works for his business. “I hire all managers, and the managers then hire their teams,” Josh says. “I focus on finding mangers that have a strong work ethic and a healthy home life. I believe with a healthy home life, you are more likely to have a healthy work life.”


Personally, hiring effective managers allows Josh to delegate the day-to-day operational tasks of each of his sweetFrog stores. “I have been fortunate and still have my original management team,” Josh says. And although Josh is able to trust his managers to provide the guest service and fun atmosphere sweetFrog is known for, he also makes sure to stay connected to them often to check in with goals and help troubleshoot.

“I communicate daily or weekly with the team via text, phone calls and emails,” Josh says. “I usually visit with each manager every other month in person.”

Why sweetFrog

“This brand is exceptional in all ways,” Josh says. “Our support system with sweetFrog is exceptional. Being able to bring a premium product and a great guest experience in our communities is rewarding. Guests come to us in a happy mood, ready to enjoy a great treat.”

Your sweetFrog Story

Has Josh’s story inspired you to take the next steps toward sweetFrog franchise ownership? Start by reaching out to us for more information. And before you know it, you could be like Josh, an enterprising entrepreneur with a strong portfolio and a passion for the sweetFrog lifestyle.

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