sweetFrog Business Models

Different Bussiness Models for Different Goals

As a popular brand in the frozen dessert industry, sweetFrog is dedicated to providing versatile franchising options that cater to a variety of investment levels and entrepreneurial aspirations. With our three distinct sweetFrog business models—Traditional, Kiosk, and Vehicle—we offer unparalleled flexibility to our franchisees, allowing them to choose the path that best aligns with their goals, budget, and desired market presence.

“Throughout the site evaluation process, we will support you in choosing among different sites,” says Tom O’Dear, Brand Leader of sweetFrog. “We do an evaluation of that site. We’ll walk through it and help you develop it. Whether it’s a site in a strip mall, or a site off by itself, we’ll help you develop the site to meet our sweetFrog brand standards.”

sweetFrog Business Models

The Traditional sweetFrog Business Model

The Traditional sweetFrog franchise model offers the full brand experience, designed to be a destination for customers seeking a fun and engaging environment where they can enjoy a wide variety of frozen yogurt flavors and a rich assortment of toppings. These standalone stores, ideally situated in high-traffic retail locations, shopping centers, or busy urban areas, are the heart of the sweetFrog concept, embodying the community-centric spirit of the brand.

The Traditional model allows for a spacious layout where families, friends, and individuals can gather to celebrate life’s moments, big and small, in a vibrant and welcoming setting. With ample seating, colorful decor, and an inviting atmosphere, these locations become a local favorite, fostering repeat business and a loyal customer base.

sweetFrog business models store exterior

The sweetFrog Kiosk Model

The sweetFrog Kiosk model is an innovative franchising option tailored for entrepreneurs looking to tap into high-footfall areas without the need for the larger footprint of traditional storefronts. This model excels in environments where space is at a premium, but demand for quick, delicious treats is high—such as malls, airports, university campuses, and bustling shopping districts.

The Kiosk design is compact yet vibrant, drawing in customers with its colorful presentation and selection of frozen yogurt flavors and toppings. It’s an ideal solution for those seeking to provide a quick-service experience without sacrificing the quality and variety sweetFrog is known for. With lower initial investment requirements and operational costs compared to the Traditional model franchisees are still able to benefit from from the strong brand recognition and loyalty sweetFrog enjoys.

The Vehicle sweetFrog Model

The sweetFrog Vehicle model introduces an exciting and dynamic franchising opportunity, perfect for entrepreneurs with a passion for bringing joy and delicious frozen yogurt directly to their community. This innovative approach to the frozen yogurt business allows for unparalleled flexibility in location and the ability to participate in events, festivals, private parties, and more.

The Vehicle model transforms the sweetFrog experience into a vibrant, moving celebration that can spread happiness wherever it goes. It’s an ideal solution for reaching customers beyond the confines of traditional brick-and-mortar locations, tapping into new markets and opportunities at local events, parks, and downtown areas where people gather to enjoy community activities. With the sweetFrog Vehicle model, franchisees can actively engage with their local community, building brand presence and loyalty through direct interaction and personalized service.

sweerFrog business models frozen treat truck

Choose the Right Business Model for You

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