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Welcome to the sweetest adventure in franchising! A sweetFrog franchise isn’t just about serving frozen yogurt—it’s about creating joyful experiences and building vibrant communities, one scoop at a time. But what sets us apart? Let’s dive in and explore the magic behind the sweetFrog brand.

“The sweetFrog brand pertains to all age levels,” says John Wuycheck, SVP of Development at Kahala Brands™. “From small kids through Millennials through our more senior citizens, everyone can enjoy great ice cream, great frozen yogurt, and in a fun welcoming atmosphere. With sweetFrog, we create a fun experience whether you’re looking to celebrate a wonderful day or make a bad day a little bit better. This brand helps do that in local communities all across the country.”

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Curating Moments of Joy

Picture this: a kaleidoscope of colors, a symphony of flavors, and an atmosphere buzzing with laughter and excitement. That’s the sweetFrog experience in a nutshell. Our franchise model isn’t just about selling yogurt—it’s about curating moments of joy for our customers, young and old. Whether it’s a family outing, a date night, or a solo treat-yourself moment, sweetFrog is where memories are made and smiles are shared.

“Now is a great time to be a sweetFrog franchise owner,” says Wuycheck. “If you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself, if you want to be a part of a bigger community, of a brand with professional branding, wonderful processes and systems, and incredible products. Also, you get to put your thumbprint on your local store, and how you operate that store locally to drive sales and increase community involvement.”

Why Franchise with sweetFrog

But why now? Because the sweetFrog franchise opportunity is sweeter than ever! As a franchise owner, you’re not just joining a brand—you’re becoming part of a vibrant community with a passion for excellence. With our professional branding, streamlined processes, and mouthwatering products, you’ll have all the tools you need to thrive. Plus, you’ll have the freedom to infuse your unique personality into your store, creating a one-of-a-kind experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

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“When you walk in, it’s the atmosphere,” says Tom O’Dear, Brand Leader of sweetFrog. “We have multiple toppings, we have multiple flavors, so more so than any other brands with us. So it’s exciting that people want to come see us. And we welcome everyone; we treat them like our family. It’s important to us that they want to keep visiting our stores. We want them to come back multiple times, and we do that by offering so many flavors and so many toppings through an inviting, awesome atmosphere.”

Multiple Business Models

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to franchising. That’s why we offer multiple business models to suit your entrepreneurial vision and local market needs. Whether you prefer the classic charm of our Traditional model, the flexibility of a Kiosk setup, or the mobility of our Vehicle model, we’ve got you covered.

With each option, you’ll receive the same unwavering support, top-notch products, and vibrant brand presence that define the sweetFrog experience. So, whether you’re looking to set up shop in a bustling shopping mall, bring sweet treats to local events, or explore innovative ways to reach your community, sweetFrog has the perfect business model to help you thrive. Let’s turn your sweet dreams into reality—choose your model and join the sweetFrog family today!

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