sweetFrog FAQs

What is the sweetFrog franchise opportunity?

The sweetFrog franchise opportunity offers entrepreneurs a chance to join a leading name in the frozen yogurt industry, characterized by an efficient, self-service model and strong brand support. Franchisees benefit from a simple, cost-effective operation, comprehensive corporate backing, and a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, positioning them for growth in the thriving dessert market.

How much does a sweetFrog franchise cost?

The investment range for opening a sweetFrog franchise ranges between $96,350 and $632,500, depending on multiple factors, including the choice of the Traditional, Kiosk, or Vehicle franchise model. This cost includes the Initial Franchise Fee, training, buildout expenses, initial marketing, access to our support team and resources, and capital for the first three months in business.

What is the Initial Franchise Fee?

The Initial Franchise Fee to get started with sweetFrog grants you access to all systems, branding, and access to our training and support team. The Initial Franchise Fee is $30,000 for a Traditional franchise model, $15,000 for a Kiosk franchise model, and $10,000 for a Vehicle franchise model.

What is the sweetFrog royalty fee?

The ongoing royalty fee for sweetFrog franchise owners is 5% of gross sales, plus a maximum surcharge of $10 per week. This low royalty fee keeps costs manageable, so franchise owners can focus on growing their business.

Does sweetFrog franchise offer financing?

While sweetFrog does not offer direct franchising, we do have relationships with third-party lenders who can help you secure the funds necessary to launch your new business.

How do I find the right location for my sweetFrog?

We place a strong emphasis on ensuring each franchisee secures the ideal location for their store, understanding that location is pivotal to a business’s growth and popularity. Leveraging extensive market research and demographic analysis, our franchise team aids in identifying high-traffic areas with the right target audience, optimizing visibility and accessibility.

Does sweetFrog help me hire employees?

The sweetFrog franchise team provides invaluable support in crucial areas, such as hiring and training staff, ensuring franchisees have the tools and knowledge needed to build a competent and efficient team. This hands-on assistance encompasses everything from identifying the ideal candidates to delivering comprehensive training programs that cover the operational excellence and customer service standards sweetFrog is known for.

Does sweetFrog help me with marketing?

All sweetFrog franchisees receive unparalleled support in marketing to ensure each franchisee can effectively reach and engage their target audience. Leveraging cutting-edge digital platforms and tailored marketing strategies, our team works hand-in-hand with franchisees to boost brand visibility and drive customer traffic. From grand opening campaigns to local community engagement and online promotions, the sweetFrog marketing experts furnish franchisees with the tools and guidance needed for compelling, effective marketing efforts.

Can I buy multiple franchises?

Yes! sweetFrog offers the enticing opportunity for entrepreneurs to invest in multiple units, allowing for scalability and expanded market presence from the outset. sweetFrog supports entrepreneurs in rapidly establishing a foothold in the thriving frozen yogurt market, facilitating broader brand recognition and fostering a network of locations that can share resources, insights, and customer bases.

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