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Comprehensive Franchise Support with sweetFrog

At sweetFrog, we understand that the foundation of a franchise is not just a beloved product, but also the robust support provided. From the moment you decide to join the sweetFrog family, you become part of a network backed by the full resources of our franchisor, a leader in the QSR space, Kahala Brands™.

“Once someone becomes a franchisee, the full support of Kahala Brands™ and sweetFrog comes into play for them,” says John Wuycheck, SVP of Development at Kahala Brands. “From the real estate process, to our construction design team, then helping that franchisee through the build out process with their general contractor. Then we start training them. So franchise owners have the full resources of Kahala Brands and sweetFrog from the time they sign through the time they open and 10 years beyond.”

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Inclusive Training

The initial training program for sweetFrog franchisees is meticulously designed to set the foundation for a prosperous business venture. Our comprehensive training encompasses both in-store practical experience and classroom instruction, ensuring that every franchisee is well-versed in the operations, customer service, and product knowledge that define the sweetFrog brand.

Led by experienced trainers and operations experts, franchisees spend several days at a fully operational sweetFrog location, gaining hands-on experience in the day-to-day management of a store. Following this, franchisees participate in Kahala Brands’ detailed classroom training, which covers business operations, marketing strategies, and financial management. This dual-faceted approach equips new franchise owners with the skills, confidence, and understanding necessary to navigate the challenges of business ownership and thrive in the competitive frozen yogurt market.

“Once construction starts, we’ll get into the training process of things,” says Alison Branch, Regional Director of Operations with sweetFrog. “I’ll be the one to help coordinate my franchisees, set them up with a training store, where they’ll actually go and participate in a couple days of training. After that, I also help them through our classroom training. I’ll also assist in the training throughout the week with them. So if there’s any questions they have or anything that maybe the instructor doesn’t answer specifically, I can be there to be able to help direct those answers. Everybody’s willing to help everyone. So there’s a lot of resources available to help you find success in business.”

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Comprehensive Support

“From the time a franchise opens, we’re just a phone call away,” says Wuycheck. “Yes, we’re in the stores regularly to help you with ongoing profitability and driving sales, but then we also have a full research and development team regularly bringing out new products to sell in our stores.”

sweetFrog’s commitment to our franchisees extends far beyond the initial setup, with ongoing support designed to ensure long-term growth. This enduring support includes regular visits from the operations team, who provide continuous guidance on enhancing store profit potential and driving sales. Franchisees also have full access to a dedicated research and development team focused on introducing new and exciting products to keep the menu fresh and appealing.

This comprehensive, round-the-clock support system underscores sweetFrog’s dedication to fostering a collaborative and thriving franchise network, where every franchisee has the resources and backing to excel in their local market.

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Marketing Assistance

Our sweetFrog specialized marketing team assists franchisees in crafting effective strategies to increase foot traffic, including digital marketing efforts, third-party delivery partnerships, and engaging local community events.

“We have an absolutely great marketing and operations team,” says Tom O’Dear, Brand Leader of sweetFrog. “You’ll have somebody from our operations team in your store quarterly, but they’re available at any time via calls, texts, emails, and the same with a marketing team. Our marketing team will walk you through how to bring guests into our stores.”

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