sweetFrog FUNdraising: How Our Franchisees Make a Difference

Philanthropy and charitable giving are built into the sweetFrog model. They allow our Froggers to make a difference, be good neighbors and take active roles in the communities in which they chose to place their sweetFrog shops. Read on to discover some of the ways sweetFrog is able to make a positive impact.

The Importance of sweetFrog Philanthropy

Each sweetFrog location is more than just a frozen yogurt shop. We take pride in being active members of each community we’re in. And philanthropy is a part of that. We do our part to help the local charitable organizations that we work with meet their goals so they can continue to bring good to the community — our community. For sweetFrog, being a good neighbor is paramount. And supporting charitable organizations helps us be the best neighbor.

sweerFrog fundraising frozen treat truck

Benefit Nights / Spirit Days

Our most popular FUNdraising option, benefit nights or spirit days are a day (or specific time period) where the charity we’re partnering with receives a portion of all sales made during their designated time period. sweetFrog has partnered with schools, clubs, churches, scout troops, animal shelters and more to help them reach their monetary goals so they can continue making their communities better. Our partnering organizations can receive anywhere from 10 – 20% of sales made during their benefit night or spirit day.

The members of the organizations are the ones that handle word-of-mouth marketing. After all, the more people they can get into your sweetFrog store, the more money their organization will earn. The email chains, text messages and newsletter blurbs can lead to extra sales during the spirit day or benefit night.

Gift Card Fundraisers

Some organizations choose to make sweetFrog FUNdraising a part of an already-established fundraiser or event. Organizations often want to raffle or give away gift cards in exchange for charitable donations and we make it super easy for them to pass along our premium frozen yogurt to their supporters. We offer bulk discounts for anyone purchasing $500 or more in gift cards and we offer additional discounts for non-profits, schools and churches. It’s another way we can do our part — and maybe even gain some new sweetFrog fans that wouldn’t have made their first trip to sweetFrog without a gift card.

Incentivized Toy Drives

Froggers have the freedom to get creative with the ways they philanthropically support their community. Incentivized toy drives are one way that sweetFrog is able to support charitable organizations. This promotion gives customers up to 30% off on their order or they can receive a buy-one-get-one card when they bring in a toy or stuffed animal to be donated; it’s up to the franchise location. A Christmas toy drive encourages sweetFrog customers to make an extra trip to their nearest location — despite cold weather — to reap the emotional rewards of donating to charity in addition to discounted frozen yogurt.

While the specifics of charitable promotions vary depending on the sweetFrog, one thing is for sure: our Froggers all have a heart for giving. As a Frogger, you will be able to make a difference for organizations in your very own community. If you are ready to start making a difference in your community, take the first step by reaching out for more information regarding this frozen yogurt franchise opportunity.

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