The sweetFrog Franchise Models

There is only one sweetFrog® brand, but sweetFrog franchises come in many different shapes and sizes. You can choose from traditional store fronts, mobile trucks and trailers, froyo kiosks, or other nontraditional locations found within amusement parks or airports.. Explore these different sweetFrog models and determine which one is right for you and your franchise journey.

Traditional Store Franchise Model

The traditional sweetFrog model is a classic store front that encourages customers to come in and stay awhile to enjoy their delicious self-made frozen yogurt. Our shops are a place for the community to gather and enjoy sweet treats! Scoop and Cookie also host events like Christmas parties, back-to-school celebrations and birthday parties in brick-and-mortar stores.

Traditional store fronts give our Froggers the opportunity to create a kid-friendly environment that encourages families to make a sweetFrog stop. In our traditional stores, sweetFrog frozen yogurt, sorbet and ice cream are self-serve, giving our customers control over their dessert and allowing shops to operate with fewer staff members. The initial investment for a traditional new store buildout starts at $226,500*.

sweetFrog frozen treat truck franchise models

Mobile Franchise Models

sweetFrog’s gone mobile! Our mobile franchise models give our Froggers the freedom to bring our sweet treats to exactly where our customers are. We’ve been invited to festivals, offices and even weddings.

sweetFrog Trucks

sweetFrog trucks take the convenience of self-serve froyo to another level by bringing our delicious frozen yogurt directly to our customers. Our dedication to innovation means that we’ve figured out how to keep our signature frozen yogurt self-serve, even when we’re operating from a sweetFrog truck. Each truck is decked out with three frozen yogurt machines, two toppings bars and all of the state-of-the-art kitchen equipment you could ever need to bring sweetFrog to the masses.


sweetFrog trailers are our other mobile franchise model. With a trailer, as long as you have a vehicle to hitch it to, your sweetFrog business is on the move, travelling to community events and special occasions bringing along delicious frozen yogurt — and fun toppings!

Nontraditional Franchise Models

Beyond mobile frozen yogurt franchise models, sweetFrog offers other nontraditional models including kiosks and nontraditional locations.


sweetFrog kiosks are less than 1000 square feet and are the perfect way to bring a sweetFrog to your local mall or shopping center. Kiosks require less equipment and fewer staff members all while bringing the same fun flavors and sweetFrog’s signature kid-friendly energy. As a kiosk Frogger, you will have sweetFrog’s support when it comes to negotiating and understanding your leasing terms and requirements.

Nontraditional Locations

Some of the nontraditional locations where you can find a sweetFrog include military bases and amusement parks. Some of these locations are kiosks that don’t take up too much real estate and others are full sweetFrog stores that just happen to be on a nontraditional site.

Now that you’ve explored the different sweetFrog models, you probably have a good idea about which one you want to bring to your community. Please reach out to our team of franchise development consultants for more information on each model and to hop on your path to franchise ownership.

*Please refer to the 2019 sweetFrog Franchise Disclosure Document for more details

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