Fort Belvoir to be first military base serving up sweetFrog

sweetFrog Frozen Yogurt may have closed its Hybla Valley location last fall, but it’s hopping over to a brand-new location at Fort Belvoir.

The frozen yogurt chain’s on-base shop — scheduled to open in late July — will be the brand’s first opening on a military installation, according to sweetFrog representatives.

The shop’s franchise owner, Tim Barber of the Barber Holding Group, said he believes the family-friendly dessert destination — known for being founded on Christian principles and defined by “wholesome values” — is a natural fit for Fort Belvoir.

“It’s never been done before, so we thought, ‘Let’s try something different and see how it goes,’” said Barber, an Air Force veteran. “What better place to do it than on a military base.”

The new sweetFrog will be located on South Post at 6020 12th Street, adjacent to other retail like Domino’s and Subway. In fact, right next door to sweetFrog at 6018 12th Street is another business owned by Barber — Barber DME Supply Group — a full-service medical equipment company that rents and sells equipment like wheelchairs and crutches to military families and retirees. Fort Belvoir also was the first military base location for that business, which since has expanded to a number of installations nationwide.

Besides its future Fort Belvoir location, sweetFrog still has a shop at the Kings Crossing shopping center in Penn Daw.